Cloud Services Strategy

Virstor has developed a standard methodology for all engagements from discovery to post deployment and management. Design, deploy and manage your environment to align your business and technology goals. To reduce complexity, improve IT agility and enable faster technology adoption.

Partner with Virstor to build your unique NetApp data fabric:

Cloud Services


Are you constrained by siloed infrastructure and looking to optimise your investments, increasing agility?


Having made gains through consolidation, are you now looking to reduce sprawl and begin to automate workflows?

Public/Private Cloud

You’ve begun to deliver self-service and automation but are you now looking to increase efficiency and elasticity, by looking at Hybrid cloud?

Hybrid Cloud

Are you looking to ensure extensibility, to support future growth and/or burst periods


Are you looking to analyse, manage and optimse the costs, usage, security and performance of your Multi-cloud services?







  1. Identify key workflow automation objectives
  2. Conduct an orientation and fact-finding session with your designated stakeholders.
  3. Using your actual data, not hypothetical metrics. We determine the business case that best algins to your strategic objectives for optimised cost, performance and capacity.
  1. Architecture definition service
  2. Identify which cloud delivery platforms best address your needs and design a futureproof architecture and service levels to match your unique business requirements
  1. Create a scope of works following our completed assessment of your environment.
  2. Finalise your high-level requirements for specific workflows.
  3. Determine time investment needed, including any additional fact-finding and discovery or design requirements.
  4. Differentiate provisioning, change requests and decommissioning requirements.
  5. Reconcile workflows and assets (present/planned) storage configuration, management guidelines and change control procedures.
  6. Determine how users will access workflows, including any web services integration requirements.
  7. Validate the goals and outputs for each workflow, incorporating any orchestration requirements.
  8. Conduct whiteboard sessions with the designated infrastructure architects and operational management to complete discovery and project scoping.
  9. Create workflow requirements document.
  1. Develop the number of workflows, in accordance with the design brief. Including commands, filters, templates and other necessary workflow objects.
  2. Test the delivery workflows, in a non-production environment.
  3. Identify and document any bugs discovered in the testing process.
  4. Modify the project schedule if needed to address corrective actions necessary to remedy problems identified.
  5. Submit “As Built” documentation for review
  6. Once reviewed and appropriate actions taken, re-start build process.
  7. Re-test environment in a non-production environment and make any final corrections necessary to enable production deployment of the workflows.
  8. Issue certificate of completion.
  1. Knowledge transfer: we must have all necessary staff available for education sessions.
  2. Sessions must occur on or before the Professional Services end date
  3. To be delivered as agreed, as stated on scope of works. Working to the agreed timelines
  1. Receive ongoing continuum of care, re-assess and adjust strategy, project plan and dashboard metrics to keep your environment optimised.
  2. Simplify Operations: Monitor, administer, operate and optimise your cloud environment as a Managed Service.
  3. Agree timeframe for business reviews throughout the year. To review, re-assess and analyse your datacenter infrastructure.
  4. Where required, we will make recommendations on any potential service level enhancements required. Suggestions on strategy and architectural designs, to ensure the plans adjust and change according to trends, best practices and new technology
  5. Designed to maximise the return on your investment. We help improve performance, stability, capacity and data protection levels.

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Technology sits at the heart of every modern enterprise, but as it has grown in scale and complexity, organisations find themselves without the required skills, experience or processes in place to leverage new technologies to maximise business value. When you partner with Virstor, our experts and proven methodologies will ensure that you accelerate and de-risk your IT transformation and that your desired business objectives become a reality.