Enhance your Data Fabric with Virstor and NetApp

Customers expect an always-on, superfast response. Businesses need to release new products faster to stay competitive. Speed is the new currency in today’s digital age, and CIOs need to ensure IT delivers on these expectations at all times, every time. Virstor help organisations scale their IT up and down to meet changing customer demands and everchanging market dynamics.

From the server estate to the storage array, we bring together the physical and the virtual to create not only an agile infrastructure, but a reliable and affordable infrastructure. We optimise NetApp’s technology at every layer to ensure customers achieve maximum business value for minimum effort and expense. We relocate datacenters and enable analytics using NetApp’s best-of-breed solutions.

Virstor helps organisations select and deploy the right solutions so they can continuously right-size their infrastructure and their datacenter to meet their needs. As more data, devices and digital services become reliant on the infrastructure, we help organisations balance higher business demands with lower IT budgets. We assist centralise, virtualise and orchestrate your data fabric. Virstor would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our Enterprise-class capabilities and earn the status of a trusted advisor to your business.